xum1541 beta now available

I’m proud to announce that the beta release of the xum1541 USB floppy adapter is now available. The firmware and host-side code are now available in OpenCBM cvs. See my xum1541 home page for information about building and setting up the first hardware, based on the Atmel AT90USBKEY development board.

This beta is pretty well-tested on Windows and Mac OS X, including error handling cases. However, both the device and host-side code is likely to change between now and the final release, so be sure you’re willing to upgrade if you want to start using it now. Notably, the nibbler support is still being debugged, so it isn’t enabled yet.

I’d like to thank Wolfgang Moser, Spiro Trikaliotis, and Christian Vogelgsang for testing various code drops, building their own devices, and providing good advice as things progressed.

4 thoughts on “xum1541 beta now available

    1. The xum1541 is not for sale. It’s GPL software. Someone else may build a packaged hardware board for it though.

      I’ve removed the links from your comment as you appear to be spamming. Please write a comment with some content next time. If you choose to ignore this, I’ll assume you’re a spammer and just delete all your future comments too.

    1. Nice, ivan. I like the idea of including common video effects such as TV-like blurring. All emulators from that era could share that code. However, I have no idea what it means to emulate a power supply. Perhaps that’s how they select 60 vs. 50 hz? But that makes more sense from a video standpoint, and thus raster interrupt rate.

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