An appeal for support

If you enjoy this blog and want to give something back, I’d like you to consider a donation to WildAid. My wife Sandra has been organizing a film event and donation drive in order to raise money for saving wild elephants from extinction.

Elephants are being killed at an alarming rate. After they experienced a comeback in the 90’s due to laws restricting the ivory trade, a few policy mistakes and recent economic growth in Asia led to such an enormous demand for ivory that elephants may become extinct in the wild in the next 10 years. President Obama recognized this crisis recently with an executive order.

WildAid tackles the demand side of the problem. With the assistance of stars like Yao Ming and Maggie Q, they create educational public awareness campaigns (video) to encourage the public not to buy ivory, rhino horn, or other wild animal products. They distribute their media in markets like China, Vietnam, and the second largest ivory consumer, the United States.

If you’re interested in attending the film, it will be shown October 9th at The New Parkway theater in Oakland. Your ticket gets you dinner with live jazz, as well as a chance to see an educational and heartwarming movie about an elephant family. (The film is from PBS and does not show any violence; children 8 years old and up should be ok.)

If you can’t come, you can help out by donating on the same page. I keep this blog ad-free and non-commercial overall, so I appreciate you reading this appeal. Thanks, and now back to your regularly scheduled crypto meanderings.