Baysec update and announcement change

The next Baysec is April 26, 7-11 pm at Irish Bank. Next month will be the fourth anniversary of Baysec!

I won’t be announcing these events on this blog any more because I’d like to reserve it for articles instead. The Baysec announcements are ephemeral and of no value to people outside the Bay Area.

I will still be posting Baysec announcements on the @rootlabs Twitter account. And if you want to participate in discussing Baysec events, please join the mailing list at It is very low traffic — less than 10 messages per month.

4 thoughts on “Baysec update and announcement change

  1. Unfortunate about the baysec announcements since I’ve usually gotten the news about them from here. Any chance of restarting posting them to It looks like that stopped in 2009.

    1. We are planning to migrate the service to a new platform. That blog hasn’t been updated since I never had access to that server.

      Your best bet for now is to watch the @rootlabs twitter or subscribe to the mailing list at, both linked above.

  2. Any news about posting them to Apparently there was a meeting on June 13 that I just saw your tweet about, which was posted the same day as the meeting. The meeting was a week or so earlier in the month than usual, so I missed it, which was disappointing. Is the mailing list archive online anyplace? I really prefer to not be on actual mailing lists. Thanks.

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