Next Baysec: October 11 at Irish Bank

The next Baysec meeting is Monday, October 11, 7 – 11 pm at the Irish Bank. Come out and meet fellow security people from all over the Bay Area. As always, this is not a sponsored meeting, there is no agenda or speakers, and no RSVP is needed.

In trying to stay ahead of the game, also mark your calendars for Wednesday, November 10.

10 Mark Lane
San Francisco, CA

4 thoughts on “Next Baysec: October 11 at Irish Bank

  1. Hmm, now that I’m moving to San Francisco, I’ll think about attending one of these events. BTW do you guys ever meet on weekends ? :-)

  2. You know, if you met on Fridays/Weekends, it might be easier for out of town security geeks to attend :) I’ll be in town that weekend…but not Monday!


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