Next Baysec: September 8 at Irish Bank

The next Baysec meeting is this Wednesday, September 8, 7 – 11 pm at the Irish Bank. Come out and meet fellow security people from all over the Bay Area. As always, this is not a sponsored meeting, there is no agenda or speakers, and no RSVP is needed.

10 Mark Lane
San Francisco, CA

2 thoughts on “Next Baysec: September 8 at Irish Bank

  1. These keep moving to earlier and earlier in the month! The last one was August 20, and this month’s was just 2.5 weeks later? I keep missing them because of this. I wish they could be announced a few months in advance, if there’s not any consistent pattern like “3rd wednesday of the month”.

    1. If you’re interested in attending, the organizing discussions happen on the mailing list at You can go there and subscribe to get the early info. This blog only rebroadcasts the date a few weeks in advance.

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