Vintage Tech needs help moving

If you’re in the Bay Area and are interested in computing history, you should know about Vintage Tech. Sellam has put together a warehouse with the world’s largest private computer collection. He also put on the VCF computer fairs. However, now he is moving to a bigger warehouse in Stockton and needs help loading the truck in Livermore.

I was out at his place last week to help with the move. The sheer size of the whole thing is astounding. It feels somewhat similar to the last scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark, where the crate with the ark in it disappears into a giant warehouse full of boxes. There are shelves stacked high with all kinds of computer equipment, manuals, and disks. I saw IMSAI 8080s and a Be workstation, among thousands of others I couldn’t identify.

Sellam needs help moving. Work consists of loading computers and boxes onto a pallet or disassembling shelves so bring gloves if you have them. The heavy work is done with a forklift. If you’d like to help out and do a good deed, he is out there all day, every day. Sellam is a lot of fun to talk with. You can contact him here, phone or email.