FreeBSD 7 upgrade experience

I recently upgrade my laptop to FreeBSD 7 in anticipation of the upcoming 7.0 release. This should be a major advance with new features such as ZFS and increased scalability due to improvements in the ULE scheduler. It went ok overall with a few important changes to note.

First, don’t use make delete-old-libs until you’ve updated all your ports. That article also includes a script for figuring out what’s no longer used. There was a bump in major version numbers for all libraries when symbol versioning was enabled, so you’ll get lots of “not found” errors for third-party applications if you run this before upgrading your ports. If this happens, all is not lost. You can continue running by symlinking most libraries to their new versions:

	ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Next, there are some changes to the Intel wireless drivers. The iwi-firmware-kmod port is no longer needed now that the firmware is included in the base kernel. You just have to set a tunable to agree to the license:


And load the various firmware files via /boot/loader.conf:


For more information, see the iwi man page. With these changes, my system again works fine. Now I need to look into fixing some acpi problems.

For those of you looking for more security and crypto posts, you won’t be disappointed with my next series.